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Time travel-reports in the Holy Bible

* By Roland M. Horn

We read in the book of the prophet Malachi, that "God" had said he will send the great prophet Elias, before the great and awful day of the lord will come.

In the New Testament, in the Gospel of Luke, we read, that Jesus was gone with his followers Peter, John and James to a mountain in order to pray. While he was praying, the appearance of his face has changed. Now it was illuminating white. Two men then spoke to him, and - they were Moses and Elias! They appeared in "heavenly magnificence" or in a garland of light and spoke about the upcoming death of Jesus. Peter and the other followers were attacked by a strong drowsiness, but they could stay awaked by the power of themselves. When they wanted to go, Peter said to Jesus: "Let us build three cabins, one for you, one for Moses and one for Elias." After he had spoken so, there was coming a cloud, which was shadowing them. The followers became angry, but of this cloud a voice called: "This is my chosen son: Listen to him". Suddenly Jesus was alone - Moses and Elias had gone with the cloud. And the followers don't have told anybody about this event. In the book of the apostles we can read that Jesus was lift up before the eyes of his followers: a cloud had picked him up and so the followers couldn't see Jesus anymore, though say were looking towards the direction, in which the cloud was. Suddenly there where two men in white garments by them, who said: "Why do you look up to the sky? This Jesus, who is picked up in the sky before your eyes, will come back in the same way."

In the Revelation of John we can read about too "witnesses", dressed in "sacks", whom God will give order to speak prophetically during 1260 days. If someone wants to hurt those persons, he must die by fire. The two man have the power, to "close the sky", and so it can't rain, when they are reading prophetically. They have also power over the waters and can change water into blood, and they can hit the lands with plaques of all kinds so often they want. When they are ready with their witness, the “beast”, coming out of the depths, will struggle against them and kill them. There dead bodies will lie in a town, spiritually named "Sodom and Egypt", where also the Lord should have been crucified. People will see the dead bodies for three days and a half, and they will not carry to a grave. The citizen of the earth will be glad, because the plaques have ended. But after those three days "God will go into them", and so they will be awaked, they will stand up, and a great fear will grasp them. A loud voice from the sky will say: "Come up here", and they will ascend in a cloud to the sky and the people will look up to this cloud. Here we have a lot of biblical texts, in which we learn of "ascensions", "resurrections" and the return of people, who have experienced such a resurrection or have died before a long time.

The fist person, which has experienced ascension, was Enoch. The Holy Bible doesn’t tell much about this person. Enoch was the son of Jared and with 65 year he had breed his son Methuselah, and in the age of 365 years, after he had breed more children, he "suddenly was here anymore". There are also two books of Enoch (A Syria and a Slavic one), which were not taken into the biblical canon.

Very interesting is a statement of the German author Klaus Groth. Groth referred to the Arabic historian Al Makrizi, who said, an Egyptian king called Saurid had begun 300 years before the Great flood with the construction of the Pyramids of Giseh, to serve the knowledge of mankind. At the top of the Great Pyramid- there was a writing, from which we can see, who had build the pyramid and that it was build during six years. This "King Saurid" is, referring to Al Makrizi Hitat the same person than even Enoch! (And he should be the Greek Hermes and the Egypt Idris, too.).

Was the Hebraic Enoch the builder of the pyramid? If we run out from the thesis that the knowledge of mankind once was great in fact, and that this maybe only was initiated by people who have colonized the planet in that Ancient times (which were in my mind the Atlanter), then it seams to be well-grounded, that Enoch as reward of his faithful workings was flown out into the Atlantic heartland in the eastern Atlantic, where the climate was better. So he could enjoy the rest of his life. It's surely a little curious that a long time after the flood and the setting down of Atlantis, there was still spoken from the ascension of Enoch, even in the Holy Bible and the mentioned non-biblical books. Has Henoch got to a legend, before he was disappeared?

But there are Elias and Jesus, too. Both had there "ascension" in a time, in which the Atlantic Empire doesn't have exist anymore.

And there is another man, who in accordance with the bible has not experienced an ascending (in accordance with to non-biblical books he had one!), but in accordance with the Old Testament he would buried by God himself (!), and nobody knows the position of his grave. This man is Moses. Since the time of Joseph, the Jewish people were in Egypt, as the Holy Bible tells us. They were working there for the Egypt people by little fee. Later there was a law that each firstborn Jewish boy should be killed. However, a Hebraic female servant put her firstborn sun into a basket and set it onto the Nile River. The daughter of the Pharaoh found the basket and raised him at the royal court of Egypt. The German author Peter Krassa doesn’t believe this. He writes that Moses (the name means "child") was not the first one, who was marooned in a basket. King Sargon, who was living more than 2000 years before Moses, should have made the same experience. Krassa believes that this story has changed to the one of Moses, and Moses was in reality an Egypt man. About the working of Moses we find a lot of dates in the Holy Bible. We know the story of the Exodus from Egypt land, the case with the burning bush, the ten orderings and much more. Moses behaviour was that of a Hebraic. In the Egypt history we don't find any information about a prince called Moses. Became this information deleted, because Moses became disloyal against his own people, the Egypt ones? But why an Egypt prince should have been collaborate with the Hebrews and give up his Egyptian heritage? So, I don't believe, that Moses was an Egypt men.

But why Moses would be send with his people - the Hebrews - through this mysterious long and misleading wandering through the dessert by "The Lord"? Who was "The Lord" in reality? Who has said in the burning bush "I am, who I am"? Who was it, who has buried Moses a little time before reaching the Holy Land at a secret place?

Surely the story about the birth of Moses is questionable. Later he had done a lot of wonders in the order of god. First he doesn’t want to do so, but later he did it willingly. The circumstances of his death are so mysterious, that we hardly can say a hero becomes gloried delayed. Maybe we can an ascension interpret so, but this story?

In the Book of the Kings we read about Elias. Immediately he tell us, that he's a servant of the Lord and he prophesied King Ahab, that in the following days no rain will fall, other than Elias is ordering the rain. By the way it is said, that Elias was coming from Tisbe in Gilead. His name should mean "My God is Yahweh". This name and the power of Elias let conclude to a narrow connection between Elias and the so called God Yahweh. Elias works wonders, too. He makes, that death people were living again, he prophesied, and mostly his praying was granted by God. An encounter between god and Elias was described: "The Lord" appeared in a "quiet rustling". Before the quiet rustling came there'd happened a heavy gale and an earth-quake. A short time before his ascending Elias put Elisa ("God has helped") to his successor. Then Elias ascended to heaven.

Another well known biblical person is Jesus. We know the stories of his birth. Jesus' Mother should have been a virgin. Like by Moses, it had given an order to kill each firstborn Jew.

When John the Baptist baptized Jesus, God said to him: "This is my beloved son". According to the Holy Bible, Jesus was the sun of God. Like Elias Jesus was able to take a look into future.

Jesus has done miracles, has changed substance and - like Elias - has waked up death persons. Jesus by himself was waked up three days after his crucifying by god himself. Like Elias Jesus ascended to heaven and before this event he said to his followers: "I will come back to you!"

Strange is the story of the meeting from Jesus, Elias and Moses on the Mountain - I described it in the beginning of this article. In the gospels of Matthew and Marcus we read, that Jesus had said to his disciples that they shouldn't tell anyone about this happening. Why?

Maybe there is a psychical explanation. Maybe one of the disciples was hit by a kind of an epileptic attack, a psychometrically one in a half-sleep. If someone is attacked by such a kind of epilepsy, he feels to be in another world, an unreal one. He is seeing unreal sceneries and so on.

But here is not spoken only of one disciples of Jesus, there were three, and all three disciples made the same experience. All three were falling in a state like sleeping, and all three was seeing what has happened next. Strange is the kind of the "hallucination". The disciples, all three (!) see Moses, well knowing that he is dead since a long time, but the are recognizing him, and the are recognizing Elias, but the scenery has changed ghostly.

What has happened before these events? The Holy Bible said, while Jesus had prayed, his face has turned its appearing. It was glowing white. What has happened during Jesus' praying? How could it be, that the followers recognized Moses and Elias, which they had never seen? How could they hear during fighting against the sleep, what Jesus, Moses and Elias were speaking about the forthcoming death of Jesus? How could it be, that they were fighting against sleep during such an event? After they had interfered themselves into the conversation, a cloud was appearing, like later by the ascension of Jesus. Out of this cloud there was speaking a voice, which was distracting the disciples, and than Moses and Elias vanished.

You see, it's not even easy to explain the whole story as a hallucination within an epileptic attack. Is the Hyper world thesis rights? Could it be that the strange changing of the scenery was caused by a momentary trip into the timeless hyper world, in which the consciousness is wider, so that each people can recognize another? Could it be, that the voice in the cloud was an experimenter from future, who had taken Moses and Elias out of there time and put them on the top of this mountain (or perhaps in the hyper world?) to hold a meeting with his tree most important time jumpers to inform them about the future projects?

Interesting is the strange drowsiness of the followers. Is it an accompanying phenomenon of the going into the hyper world? Or was it a kind of narcosis? Did the disciples hear more, as they should hear? Had Jesus therefore said them, they don't have to tell anything about this event? It is also interesting, that after this taboo, spoken out by Jesus, the disciples asked after Elias, who was appropriate to the Old Testament have to come to fix all? Why do they asked such things, when they Elias had never seen? Subconscious they knew anything about their event, but their memory wasn't accurate anymore. Was Jesus' tabooing working hypnotic? Have Jesus suggest them, that John the Baptist was the reincarnation of Elias, for confusing them? (Jesus hadn't claimed that John was Elias, he had only suggested it. Was it a clever act of delusion? Did Jesus and Elias know the future? Is it, because they are coming from there? The evangelical preacher Wim Malgo has said, that the two witnesses, of who is reported in the Revelation of John, are Moses and Elias. He concludes this idea from their attributes, so when about of this witnesses is said that fire came out of their mouth and it doesn’t will rain in the days of prophesying that are terms, which are remembering to Elias. When it is said about them that they have power about water and can change it into blood and have also power to hit the earth with all kind of plaques - that is typically for Mose - think about the seven plaques in the book of Exodus. Malgo emphasize, that Moses and Elias have an especially level before God. What is more is that the return of Elias is prophesied by Malachi.

Are that all strange chances? Have the discibles had all the same hallucination and the prophecies of the return of Jesus and Elias are false? Are the stories about Jesus just false and the coherences we have found in the bible are chances? Or is the view of the fundamentalist’s right? But why the God of the Holy Bible often hadn't act like a really god? He isn't a loving God. I cannot believe that this "God" is the real God; and I believe in God - the real one. But it is difficult to believe, that all the coherences, we have found, are only strange chances. Is/are the time-travel-theses or/and the hyper world thesis right? If so, we can conclude: The "God" of the Holy Bible was coming from future...

Source: Zeitreisen im alten (und neuen) Testament? (German Article by Roland M. Horn)