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Hello and welcome to the International Homepage of Roland M. Horn!

I was born in 1963 on February 16 and I am married to Bettina. My two sons were born in 1988 and 1991. I am a free journalist and author. I am very interested in Astronomy as well as in other fields.

I have started to investigate UFO cases in 1980. Often I have found a natural explanation for UFO cases. Very rarely, there are cases, which cannot be explained. Below such sightings there are such, we cannot explain yet. There are many explanation approaches, but no certain explanation.

The mystics around Atlantis are my favorite meta-scientific field. I am sure this still fascinating Island existed in our history. Atlantis was lying in the Atlantic Ocean. Plato has said that Atlantis has existed there. However, it disappeared, caused by the impact of an asteroid.

Please find the books I have written below.

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