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Atlantis and his former position

Way down below the ocean The continent of Atlantis was an island, which lay before the great flood in the area we now call the Atlantic ocean... So great an area of land that from her western shores those beautiful sailors journeyed to the South and the North America with ease, in their ships with painted sails. To the east Africa was her neighbor, across a short strait of sea miles. The great Egyptian age is but a remnant of the Atlantic culture… the antediluvian kings colonized the world; all gods who play in the mythological dramas in all legends from all lands were from fair Atlantis Knowing her fate, Atlantis send out ships to all corners of the earth… On board were the twelve; the poet, the physician, the farmer, the scientist, the magician, and the other so called gods of our legends. Though Gods they were, and as the elders out of our time choose to remain blind let us rejoice and let us sing and ring in the new. Hail Atlantis! Way down below the ocean where I wanna be, she may be.

In this song, Donovan speaks from a continent, which has been lying in the Atlantic Ocean. The great philosopher Plato was - as far as we know - the first, who has written about this wonderful island. He did so in his both dialogues Kritias and Timaios. Plato wrote Atlantis has been lying west of the pillars of Heracles, which means Gibraltar. Plato told us, his grandfather Solon had visited Egypt, and there he had been told that the Egyptian priests have written reports about the mysterious sunken continent. Plato writes Atlantis would have been more important than Asian and Libya together. From the island Atlantis it was able to ship to the opposite islands and the opposite continent, which is surrounding the "true ocean". Did Plato know America, which had allegedly been discovered in 1492 by Christopher Columbus? Plato describes Atlantis as a paradise, as an island with mighty mountains and fertile plains, navigable rivers and many treasures of the soil. This mighty empire disappeared in the time of one terrible day and one terrible night into the ocean, says Plato. The philosopher writes that the flood has taken place 9000 years before his time. Atlantis has sunk 11 500 years ago, if we follow Plato. Atlantis became a myth. Many authors and researchers were busy with the theme Atlantis. Many of which say, Atlantis has never existed, and just Plato’s student Aristotle said, his teacher has fabricated the whole story about Atlantis. He claimed Plato wanted to describe a perfect state, which should by a model for his own Greek nation. Other authors claimed Atlantis has been lying in the most diverse place of the world - especially in their own native place.

Where Atlantis hasn’t lain / has not been lying

The German Pastor Jürgen Spanuth claims Atlantis has lain in the east of Helgoland in front of the estuary of the river Elbe in the Northern see. Spanuth speaks of sunken buildings, which where reported in the area of Helgoland. Spanuth says Atlantis would have been the main city of a Nordic empire, which has run against Egypt in the 12th Century BC. Some great red mounts are the Atlantic citadel, said Spanuth. However, the estuary of the Elbe does not lay by Gibraltar and Plato has written from nine thousand of years before his time, but not from nine hundred! Two Greek Researchers, Dr. Spyridon Marinados and Dr. Angelos Galanopoulus, claim, the Atlantic story results from a volcanic explosion in the Aegean, which has torn asunder the island Crete in 1500 BC and turned a part of the island to a ravine under the sea. Probably that earthquake tore Thera, too. Because of this earthquake, the Minoan-Crete Empire was going down. However, Plato has said, Atlantis has lain in the near west of Gibraltar, not in the east. And the destruction of Atlantis took place much earlier. The German researcher Albert Hermann meant, Atlantis had lain in Tunisian. He has claimed that the Chott el Djerid, which in the past time has been named “Lake Tritonis“, was the area, where Atlantis has laid. He believes that he has found remnants of the Poseidon-Temple, but his calculations were not correct! Other researchers have claimed, that Atlantis has lain in northern or southern America, in Morocco or northern Africa, in Israel and the Lebanon, in Tartessos, which is also named in the Holy Bible, southern Spain, Gibraltar itself, Malta and other Mediterranean islands or a sunken continent in the Pacific Ocean, Iran, Canaries, Ceylon, Mexico, Greenland, South Africa, Krim and southern Russian area, Netherlands, Caucasus, Brazil, Nigeria, Arab area, Belgium, Great Britain, Catalonian, East Prussia, Ethiopia, France, Iraq, Eastern Germany (Mecklenburg), northern Europe, continent by the northern pole (!), Portugal, Siberia, Spitsbergen, Sweden, Venezuela, Western India, sunken island in the Indic ocean.

Back to the depths of the Atlantic Ocean

Ignatius Donnelly claimed in 1882 in his book “Atlantis, Myths of the Antediluvian World” that Atlantis in fact is laying on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. This author wanted to proof that Atlantis was an island as big as a continent. For Donnelly Atlantis was the wedge of the civilization. Donnelly was sure: The Kings and Queens of Atlantis were the gods of the Greek, Phoenicians, the Indic and the Scandinavia myths. Atlantis was a synonym of the proto-recollections to a wonderful land. Atlantis was, as Donnelly says, the source of the story of the Garden Eden in the Holy Bible, the Garden of the Hesperides, the Mount of the Olympus and other more. The citizens of Atlantis had trade with Egypt, Africa, Northern and Southern America, Scandinavia and the Mediterranean lands. The Atlanter prayed to the sun, and their religion expanded to Egypt and Peru. According to Donnelly, the Atlanter were the first people, which forged bronze and iron. The Atlantean alphabet should have been the prototype of the Phoenician and the Maya hieroglyphs. Donnelly saw Atlantis as the former native country of the European and the Semitic nations. After the sinking of Atlantis, the survivors escaped to the west and to the east, and there the legends of the great flood were established. Donnelly says, that the banana has formerly been cultivated in Atlantis, and then the fruit has been brought to the west and the east, and now the banana grows up in the left and the right of the Atlantic, and the same has been done with other plants. There are many traditions, which have been celebrated in the west and the east of the Atlantic Ocean. They have developed independently of the same traditions on the other side of the Atlantic, which were the smoking of tobacco and the mummifying of the dead people. Donnelly says that there are many legends of multiple nations, which are reporting from a native country in a land in the Atlantic Ocean. Donnelly does not believe that Plato has fabricated the story of Atlantis. In the beginning of his dialogues Plato clearly speaks of navigation, canals and similar things, he did not speak of fabulous and nebulous stories of some gods. Lewis Spence has written the books Atlantis in America (NY 1925), The problem of Atlantis (NY 1925), The history of Atlantis (NY 1968), and Will Europe Follow Atlantis? (London, Year unknown). Spence claimed Atlantis was a land bridge between Europe and South America. On this way, the Cro-Magnon Man has come to Europe. Edgar Cayce, the great healer and prophet in the 30th and 40th years of the 20th century spoke in his “readings” in which he gave his patients tips for their healing, of Atlantis, too. In trance, he developed a complex Atlantis-story. He says, Atlantis had been destroyed three times, and the third of these catastrophes was this one, which we find described in Plato’s dialogues. At this destruction, the last parts of Atlantis had been turned down to the sea. In the beginning Atlantis was a big continent, which has been destroyed for the first time in the year 50.000 BC. Great parts of the continent were sunken into the ocean. In the year 28.000 BC there was the second destruction. The remaining island has been split into two parts. During the last destruction in 10.000 BC the last parts of Atlantis sunk. The human race has caused this last destruction, because it had abused great and dangerous energies. Cayce said that parts of Atlantis would rise up one day. He spoke of a tipping of the axis of the earth, which has begun in the year 1936 and would be completed in the year 2000 or 2001. For the years 1958 - 1998 Cayce has foreseen the beginning of worldwide changing. Great parts of Japan have been said to sink into the see, and the west coast of America should sink into the ocean, including New York. North-Europe should change in the time of the twinkle of an eye, and land should rise up not only in the Atlantic, but also in the Pacific Ocean.

The Talawaichiqua of the Hopi

The Indian tribe of the Hopi is reporting of a gigantic continent named Kasskara, which should have lain in the pacific. The Hopi claim, that this was her earlier native land. They say that teachers from the stars had come to them with gigantic flying disks. At the same time, when Kasskara existed, there should have been an island, which was not as large as Kasskara. The citizens of this island should have been very warlike - and this land called Talawaichiqua should have been lying in the Atlantic Ocean near the Azores. Was that Plato’s Atlantis? The Hopi say, that Talawaichiqua has been sunk all at once in the ocean before 80 000 years, during Kasskara had sunk very slow during many centuries.

Otto Muck and "Atlantis - The world before the great flood"

The Austrian Atlantis-researcher Otto H. Muck writes in his book “Atlantis - die Welt vor der Sintflut” (Olten 1956) from myths of the nations, which are living on the right and the left of the Atlantic Ocean. He says that caused by the isotherm in the right and the left of the Atlantic during the glacial-period an island must have existed, which did not let the Gulf Stream through on his way to Europe. In America and northern Europe, there have been the same temperatures during the glacial time, but if the Gulf Stream had come to Europe, there it had to be much warmer than in northern America. However, it was not. The Gulf Stream did not come to Europe. There was an Island, which kept him away: Atlantis. Muck claimed Atlantis has lain on the Azores-plateau. If we imagine that this plateau is a few miles higher, we can see there the mountains and the plains so arranged as Plato has said regarding Atlantis. On this island with a wonderful climate, which has been brought by the Gulf Stream, a civilization developed well. The riddle of the eel traveling has been solved if we follow Mucks Atlantis-theory. Muck said with reference to the German astronomer Henseling, the absolutely Zero-Day of the Maya calendar had been in 8498 BC. Modern scientists do not believe that this day is the beginning of the Maya calendar. However, at this day there was a constellation. Venus, the moon and the earth were ready to crook the path of an Asteroid towards the earth. Muck believes that such an Asteroid has impacted on this day into the Atlantic Ocean. The sensitive volcanic area in the Atlantic began to burn. The great Island Atlantis, which had laid in the midst oft the seam of tearing, where the continental driving once had begun, now was encircled by a sea of flames and have to sink down below the ocean in one terrible day and one terrible night, as Plato said. The area of magma below the soil of the island got a maximal dent, and caused by this event the Atlantic island has to sink. There is no way, no powers, that are strong enough, to bring Atlantis back to the surface, says Muck. The soils of the continents on the left and on the right of the Atlantic Ocean have been sunken, too. On the other sides, the part of the continents had been lifted. This theory can solve the mastodon riddle and much more. The axis of the earth had been shaken because of the impact, and the precession has been intensified, and so there was changing of climate. The pole moved to Siberian, and the mammoths, which have been killed by waves of floods, had been conserved. Above northern Europe, there was - caused by the catastrophe and the moving of winds - a gigantic dark cloud, so the sun does not shine for a long time, and the people began to get a white skin. Two German geologists believe on Atlantis: Edith and Alexander Tollmann think that a comet has impacted in -7552. He had cut into seven pieces, and one of these pieces has fallen down into the Atlantic Ocean. Did a celestial object destroy Atlantis? It seems to be so. A celestial impactor eliminated the saurians, too. Have there been even more impacts in the past? And what will be in the future? Hoping, that we do not stay at a new sill to a cataclysm...

Source: Was war Atlantis, wo lag es, and wo lag es nicht by Roland M. Horn